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Sanyog Gupta Voyages – Hallmark of Luxury Travel, was born out of our passion for travel, our personal interest in exotic destinations and the unique experiences that our wonderful world offers us. We design totally personalised trips according to the demands, profile, taste and pocket of each of our travellers, creating unique trips for each of our clients.

All our lives, we have been creating wow experiences. We know that no two journeys are alike. Many options must be considered to find the trip that suits you and your family. With wow experience of traveling in our luggage, we know the world better than most.

We know where the gold nuggets can be picked. Where the pitfalls are. With extensive experience from our own expeditions and previous guests’ full feedback, we have built a rich bank of information. Throughout your journey, you will meet extraordinary people, take part in age-old traditions as locals do and enjoy privileged access to experiences no traveler will want to miss.

We know where you’re going. Because we’ve been there.

Opulent Routes

Luxury Travel Brand of Sanyog Gupta Voyages

The world is vast. It contains myriad wonders. But with the advent of the internet, myriad guides and listicles have risen up to tell you how to experience it. They can be overwhelming, exhausting. What’s more, they rarely ask you how you want to feel. But for us, bespoke travel begins with a feeling. We are as concerned with the highest drama as the smallest moments. Big and small, quiet and loud.

Like a perfectly tailored suit, each trip is different; just as each traveller is different. And that’s exactly why we’re here: to help you to experience the world on your terms. Attentively, carefully, reassuringly. We’re here to put the whole world in your palm; and like nobody else on earth.

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iMEC Planet

MICE Travel Brand of Sanyog Gupta Voyages

Creative arrangements, quick responses and amazing experiences. iMEC Planet has years of experience in designing and creating unique and creative MICE solutions. Our dedicated team is fully capable of fulfilling the most demanding and complex projects with passion, enthusiasm and excellence. We have successfully and expertly undertaken Meetings, Incentives, new product launches and Conferences.

We are also experts in creating and developing special tours and activities for corporate events and luxury travel all over the world.

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Adventure Sense

Adventure Travel Brand of Sanyog Gupta Voyages

Do you prefer your holiday with a side of adrenaline?
These journeys exude luxury adventure travel, designed for those who seek thrills in some of the world’s most fascinating and far flung destinations. Cold weather fans will love the slopes of northern Italy or a thrilling ride in a luxury sports car across the Himalayas.

For warmer active adventure vacations, walking safaris in South Africa and Kenya deliver up-close animal encounters, while Nepal provides the opportunity to hike along the base of a Mount Everest. Trek through the Himalayas or take a scenic helicopter ride over Dubai’s Skyscrapers. If you’re looking for luxury adventure vacations, Adventure Sense offers fast-paced excitement in all corners of our big, beautiful world.

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Charity Tours

Charity Challenges Travel Brand of Sanyog Gupta Voyages

It’s in the name, but we’re all about making your wildest dreams a reality. Whether you want to conquer a bucket-list challenge like reaching the famous Everest Base Camp or Cycling the Ganges or you simply want to make a big impact for charity, we can help you get there.

From cycles and treks to other bucket list adventures, our immersive challenges are open to everyone and range from the moderate to the extreme. We fully manage bespoke fundraising challenges for our charities. You’ll find them close to home, in far-flung destinations and everywhere in between! Join to make friends, reach your fitness goals, raise funds for charity and get the best experience of your dream destination. Our aim is to give you the platform, the encouragement and the support to release your inner hero.

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Sea Shore Excursions

Bespoke Travel Product of Sanyog Gupta Voyages

We offer a range of luxury shore excursions; from wine and cheese tasting to helicopter rides, or live Tango shows to champagne sunset boat trips. Whether you’re travelling as a group or a small party, we have a range of extra special tour options to suit your specific requirements. Many of our luxury shore excursions are smaller group tours, which gives you a more intimate experience.

We also offer private luxury tours in combination with shore excursions, which allow you to see the best attractions each port has to offer at your own pace, and you can focus more time experiencing the areas that interest you most. 

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Private Jet Journeys

Bespoke Travel Product of Sanyog Gupta Voyages

One of the best rewards of travelling lifetime is that there are always new places to explore and new wonders to experience. In creating these Private Jet Journeys, I challenged myself to include many destinations I had yet to visit, from Zimbabwe to the Tibet, and to reveal these places through the kind of unique opportunities only Sanyog can arrange.

Private Jet Journeys with us is about discovering the authentic heart of destinations that most travellers completely overlook, and doing so in a way that never sacrifices comfort and style. My hand-picked team, throughout your journey will leave no stone unturned to make your experience the lifetime one. Dine in a 500-year-old palaces & fortress, experience a private party hosted by a local family and learn “Masala Chai” at a class put on just for you.

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Travel Brochures

After a little destination inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find our latest travel brochures, each packed cover to cover with brand new trips, classic tours and our adventures into the big unknown. We have a great line of Online Brochures. We prefer to do things digital. After all, the planet needs its trees more than we do. Click on the tab below of your interest to download the brochure.



We will continuously work all in all as a family, the bliss of which is central to our prosperity.


We encourage a climate where expressing one's genuine thoughts is permitted and development compensated.


Our concentration, considerations and activities will constantly have the wellbeing of our clients first.


We will be capable in our activities to our visitors, our accomplices, our representatives and our local area.


We should direct our business decently, with trustworthiness, honesty and straightforwardness in all that we do.


We will constantly have a receptive outlook to learn, to try and to embrace novel thoughts.


We have access to the most coveted selection of yachts worldwide. From a Wally tender, to spend the day to a mega yachts, for weekly charters. We let you to fulfill all your expectations from a fast cruising 60′ to a 200′ plus Mega-yacht. Rates are usually per week and it only includes the yacht itself. Food, gas and gratuity are charged separately and they are approximately 30-40% of the charter rate.


We have a wide variety of transportations available in every destination we recommend, from the best selection of self-driven cars, chauffeur drivers, helicopters and all type of private jets to carriage, bicycles, trains and hot air balloons.


Our highly trained luxury travel concierge helps you to plan every detail of you dream trip, incorporating personal wishes and giving exclusive access to the best experiences in luxury destinations. Taking into account the entire group and each and every individual need.


Timing your visit to Asia, Africa, Middle East to coincide with a cultural events can significantly change your experience. Follow the link below to browse festivals by destination.


Your wish designers are waiting for your next call or email to make your dream vacations come true. This is The Time. This is The Place. Welcome to Our World.


Sanyog Gupta Voyages loves its partners as much as they do. We appreciate the loyalty of our partners to us for over the years. This is the time to give them the benefits of their loyalty towards SANYOG.



Creating a unique WOW experience has never been easier. By taking the time to truly understand your interests and how you like to travel we can arrange a tailor-made, luxurious holiday that’s right for you. But we all need a bit of inspiration now and again so come and discover some of our most popular types of holiday and start dreaming about your next trip away.



Photos speak louder than words. That’s True! Spectacular selection of image collection with the help of our clients, friends, tour directors, guides and well wishers. Click an image to explore, we hope you enjoy the image slideshows!


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Welcome to our Video Gallery. Our library consists of a selection of great videos our guests have shared and a collection we have had made to show you our beautiful world. If you would like further information on the places or activities featured, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.



The world is a big place with so many places to explore. Blogs will provide you with tips and advice on how to get the most out of your next adventure.

The idea of the travel and tourism blog is to provide information about destinations and attractions in a way that will entice readers to plan their next trip or vacation. The goal of this type of content is not just to sell products but also share information about people’s experiences while they are traveling.


Our Fans


It is always great to have an option for a quick and easy reservation if you wish to travel for a few days. Sanyog and his team is always a huge help for me, and appreciate the amazing services!

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Unites States of America

Whenever I am and wherever I want to go, I can always find my way through Sanyog’s agency, and right on their wonderful website! Thank you for interesting tours and fast reliable services!

Tanya Smith

Tanya Smith


Booking has never been this fun, quick and simple for our big family. However, with these guys, we can get a guarantee for safe trips and secure booking no matter what the destination is!

Ben Matthews

Ben Matthews

New Zealand